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Introduction The Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 of Ghost is the history of a useful Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 if not destroyed, was severely damaged by Symantec.

Currently Acronis True Image replaced Ghost on the marketplace. Ghost is an innovative attempt to make unix dd style backup process more flexible from a little know New Zealand firm. Which was bought by Symantec. The latter in its classic style destroyed it with inept marketing and unability to move from DOS as the base of the program.

And destroyed it too. Later in Symantec decided to use Ghost brand for the backup program from Veritas which was acquired and destroyed at this time.

After realizing that this was huge blunder Symantec revived the original style partition backup program in Ghost 14 and later.

Corporate edition has somewhat different path Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 has some additional features. Origin and key ideas If we talk about the basic idea behind Ghost, then we should consider it to be a derivative of Unix dd.

In principle Ghost is just a hybrid of sector-by-sector disk copying utility and regular "per file" backup based on understanding of the filesystem of the partition which it working with. But here similarities end. Ghost is hybrid idea: As it needs to understand the filesystem structure Ghost perform much more complex operations the DD for example the restore on a partition of smaller size.

But there is no free lunch and versatility and simplicity of dd are gone. Each new version of filesystem requires new version of ghost. Also ghost can't backup deleted files like DD can: That means that generally it is less tolerant for the errors. And its ability to backup damaged filesystems is really inferior in comparison with DD. Also typically it does not have good Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 methods for damaged archive. Acronis true image Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 very bad in the respect and you really find yourself in a very difficult position due to a minor error in archive.

At the same time there are some improvement over DD capabilities. Among them: It typically produces compressed images. It also has the ability to restore individual files and folders this capability was first unleashed in Ghost After you created your image, you can then restore not only the whole image, but each individual file or folder on it. Recently Linux loopback filesystem provided similar capabilities to DD images. Norton Ghost is not a single product developed from one version to another.

After initial acquisition Symantec played its typical game with it -- the original product was discarded, competitor was bought but also destroyed, and so on and so forth.

In its current incarnation this is a different product which is not a derivative of the original Ghost. It have little in common other then name and broad function. They all based on original design by Binary Research that Symantec acquired. From the very beginning Ghost has pretty amazing capabilities of working with disk images, essentially creating a class of its own.

Binary Research created significant momentum and has good penetration in the Windows Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 when Symantec acquired the product.

Later it acquired the possibility to extract individual files via special utility, Ghost Explorer. It has interface similar to Windows Explorer and supports drag-n-drop of individual files. That make Ghost is one of the cheapest backup utilities available on the market, especially suitable for personal and small organizations use. Ghost 9. This capability also makes writing image to DVD simpler and faster. Ghost was just an attempt to use Ghost brand for the backup program from Veritas which was acquired and later destroyed in Ghost 14 and 15 were partially successful attempt to return to the original idea.

The it was too little too late. At this time Acronis True Image became primary ghost-like program on the marketplace. On desktop it is very convenient to install the second harddrive and use it for images. You need approximately 30G for the partition that can store the image of the C partition in case you have Microsoft Office and a dozen of other applications installed a must for any home user. With current GB or larger desktop hardrives that's peanuts.

Ghost and similar programs ghosters typically have three option for backup: Please note that Ghost and its derivatives are sensitive to the version of filesystem used. Generally the year of release of Ghost should be at least a year higher then the year of the release of your version of Windows for it to work reliably, so for Windows XP Ghost are OK.

History of Development Ghost was not developed by Symantec; like most Symantec products it was bought when an original developer already Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 significant market success.

It was this codebase that was purchased by Symantec in Murray Haszard wrote Ghost inbased on his experience with file-copying program that worked via parallel and serial interface previously produced Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 Binary Research. In this age of huge organizations producing monster software it's pretty refreshing to see that individual talent still matter.

Initial version of Ghost was just an implementation of a single brilliant idea -- create a hybrid program that behaved like DD but at the same time have flexibility closer to file based backup. It also should be able to clone Windows system disk and system partitions. Software should be able to Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 Windows system disk in workable condition despite minor changes in the size of the target partitions.

As we can see that while initial design was Windows oriented, Ghost can actually be written for Linux without any problems. Murray Haszard wrote Ghost inbuilding on experience with a parallel and serial file-copying program previously produced by Binary Research.

Initially, Ghost supported only FAT filesystems directly, but it could also copy although not resize other filesystems by performing a sector copy. Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 is also capable of modifying the name of the Windows NT-based computer from its own interface. Ghost added support for the ext2 filesystem in and for Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 subsequently. The first versions of Ghost supported only the Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 of entire disks, but version 3.

It was used by many large organizations during instance company of upgrading personal computers before year At this point many organizations switched to NT and Ghost image cloning capability was very useful tool of quickly installing copies of NT with selected enterprise applications on multiple computers in a short period of time. Ghost permitted usage of 'site-specific" copies and a made rigid corporate bureaucracy that was already entrenched in many large IT organizations more flexible.

The last version of Ghost released before Symantec acquisition was version 4. Multicasting allows sending a single image simultaneously to many machines without putting greater stress on the network than by sending an image to a single machine. This version also introduced Ghost Explorer, a Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 program which allowed a user to browse the contents of an image file and extract individual files from it.

Explorer as subsequently enhanced allowed users to add and delete files on FAT and later on ext2 and on ext3 filesystems in an image. Ghost Explorer could work with images from older versions but only slowly; version 4 images contained indexes to find files rapidly. Version 4. The additional memory available allowed Ghost to provide several levels of compression for images, and to provide the file browser. Gdisk, a scriptable partition manager was also added.

Gdisk serves a role similar to Fdisk, but has greater capabilities. Ghost 4. Version 5. Unlike the character-based user interface of earlier versions, 5.

The Binary Research logo two stars revolving around each other played on the main screen while the program idled. That was the last version before acquisition.

Ghost 6. The Console communicates with client software on managed computers to Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 a system administrator to refresh the disk of a machine remotely. Ghost 7. This significantly eased systems management.

Ghosta consumer version of Ghost, does not include the Console but has a Windows front-end to script Ghost operations. The machine still needs to reboot to the Virtual Partition, but the user doesn't need to interact with DOS. The success of Ghost created a lot of Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 like Drive Image.

The latter became the main competitor and has some important features that Ghost did not have, including the ability to create images without rebooting to DOS At the end ofSymantec acquired its competitor, Power Quest, discarded the original product and rebranded Drive Image as Norton Ghost 9. It was released on August 2, as a new consumer version of Ghost and was based on version 7 of Drive Image product. After the acquisition the Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 Ghost codebase was abandoned.

This is not the first time Semantic "killed" the product in such a way. Like Computer Associates Symantec is a company that is living by acquisitions and like CA and before CA it developed a bad habit of purchasing other utility companies to cut down on the competition and either rename Buy cheap Symantec Norton Ghost 12 product to sell it as the next version of the Symantec line that happened with several great programs that were acquired by Symantec and later killed.

Remember Central Point Utilities and Xtree? They used to compete with the Norton utilities and Norton Commander that Symantec bought before and they vanished after Symantec bought the company. And Norton Utilities which were a very good product in DOS days, went downhill in Symantec hands and gradually become a less useful and more dangerous bloatware. So they convert it into installation-based set of Utilities and a lot of good qualities of the original Norton Utilities disappeared without any trace.

But let's return to Ghost. There are several ways to run Ghost, but the classic way is to using it after booting from the DOS boot disk I recommend using Windows 98 boot disk. You need to launch ghost. To summarize the historical development of Norton Ghost we can say that there are two major version of Ghost:

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