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NET Web Form. Version 1. Support for. It is a combination of RemObjects's mostly Delphi-compatible. Prism is cross-platform capable insofar as it supports the Mono. NET libraries. Codegear Delphi Delphi code-named Weaver, aka Delphi 14; there was no version 13 , was released on August 25, and is the second Unicode release of Delphi. It includes a new compiler run-time type information RTTI system, support for Windows 7 Direct2D , touch screen and gestures, a source code formatter, debugger visualizers and the option to also have the old style component palette in the IDE.

The new RTTI system makes larger executables than previous versions. Delphi Prism Version 3. Delphi Prism XE Version 4. It is essentially a rebranded Delphi Prism also Version 4.

Delphi Starter Edition On January 27, Embarcadero announced the availability of a new Starter Edition that gives independent developers, students and micro businesses a slightly reduced feature set [13] for a price less than a quarter of that of the next-cheapest version.

This Starter edition is based upon Delphi XE with update 1. Delphi XE2 natively supports bit Windows except the starter edition , in addition to the long-supported bit versions, with some backwards compatibility. Applications for bit platforms can be compiled, but not tested or run, on the bit platform. FireMonkey and VCL are not compatible; one or the other must be used, and older VCL applications cannot use Firemonkey unless user interfaces are recreated with FireMonkey forms and controls.

Third parties have published information on how to use Firemonkey forms in VCL software, to facilitate gradual migration, but even then VCL and Firemonkey controls cannot be used on the same form. Pre versions only supported iOS platform development with Xcode 4. These compilers significantly differ from the Win64 desktop compiler as they do not support COM , inline assembly of CPU instructions, and six older string types such as PChar.

So, I hope, my clients can choose between OS's from next year onward. It is better than saying to your clients: The Code below can get correct answer on Delphi 7, but get error answer on Delphi How to fix? Can not edit memo fields in fastreports FMX report designer, error occurs double clicking on Memo component.

Fastreports Designer errors: Error reading CancelIB. After that, you can and should launch JBuilder the way you usually do. For each perspective being used, reset the perspective to the default view by selecting Window Reset Perspective [] Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed before attempting to open the PDF-format report for data-aware applications from within the IDE.

Create a new application factory project. Create a new note and tag. Link the note to the tag and view the tagx file. The tagx file is updated to show that the note is linked with the tag.

The tag entry isn't updated with the note id. If you update the tagx file by adding another tag, note, etc. After CRUD generation Web-page for selected entity will be up-to-date and correct, but the links from this page to pages for related entities will not always work as expected until you explicitly invoke CRUD generation for related entities.

Typical cases when broken link can occur: You have entities A and B with 1: N relation link. You have entities A and B without relation link. You generate CRUD for both of them. Then you add relation link between them you need to regenerate CRUD for both entities, otherwise Web link between pages will not work as expected. The good news is that it is now possible to run Delphi for PHP on those platforms using the latest version of Wine.

For those not familiar with Wine, it is a program that loads Windows executable programs. More information may be obtained in Wine home page: It worked wonders. It would be interesting if anybody could post comments on whether they could run Delphi for PHP with Wine under any of such operating systems.

So all is much simpler and viable now. In practice the IDE runs perfectly but some transparent controls do not render correctly. Unfortunately Apache relies on Windows socket API functions that do not seem to be working under current Wine versions.

However, I do not know if the features that need to be fixed to run Delphi for PHP 2 properly are being addressed by the Wine sub-projects approved for Google Summer of Code That would help CodeGear target a wider market of PHP developers at a fraction of the cost that it would take them to develop Delphi for PHP native versions for those platforms. If any of these is your mother language, you will appreciate this enhancement.

Then those tags are expanded to more complex HTML defined by templates. Code insight is a set of features that help the developer write error free code in a faster manner. It includes PHP context sensitive code completion. It also provides hints about what each of the suggested code completion alternative function calls or parameters do, so the developer pick the right suggestion for what he intends to do.

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