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For productivity tools, CrossOver fully supports Microsoft Office apps, and also supports more recent software--including Office , Quicken, and Lotus Notes--but with known bugs.

This is a little confusing--I would prefer one app that ran both applications and games in a Pro version instead of having two icons on my Dock. For supported apps, installation works great. For example, if you insert the installation disc for Adobe Photoshop CS2, CrossOver launches automatically and prompts you to install it.

The installation takes place using the Windows API. CrossOver also adds newly installed programs to the Mac Applications folder, and you can launch them from the Dock. When you print, CrossOver uses your Mac print driver. In daily use for fully supported apps, CrossOver worked like a charm: Testing results The latest 7. Some companies have a standard desktop that requires everyone to run the approved Office version likely for Windows.

So if Mac users can install CrossOver, they can run Office in a matter of minutes. In tests, Word worked just fine for typing up documents. However, many features--the clip organizer, charts, and mail merges, for example--did not work. However, I did run Outlook for long periods--marking incoming e-mails with urgency flags, viewing a task list, and setting up my day-to-day schedule--without problems.

Codeweavers says it is currently tweaking Wine for full Office compatibility and acknowledges that CrossOver support for Office is still a bit rough around the edges.

For officially unsupported apps, Codeweavers hosts a forum where users can report their experiences in testing software and award color-coded badges to indicate the program's level of support. For example, you can find out if Quicken runs well e. Visio might work, while Quickbooks likely won't. CodeWeavers oversees the forums for user advocates who test Windows programs, but does not provide a standard testing methodology or distinguish test results by hardware specifications.

It also provides some Wine testing scripts. I would strongly prefer that CrossOver maintain a database of supported commercial software and, when I attempt an install, present an alert box with information about whether the program will work.

Quicken never crashed, although parts of the program such as the start-up screen have noticeable graphical glitches.

Accessing these apps is easy: CrossOver puts icons for Windows apps in a folder, a nice touch, and you can even drag them to the dock for easy access. Net without success. Recent games—everything from Fallout 3 to Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood—also failed to install. Versions of CrossOver released before version 8 are not compatible with OS In my view, for a company of only 25 people trying to create a way to avoid virtual instances of the full Windows OS, CrossOver 8 is getting there, slowly but surely.

I imagine by next year, with the already-planned release of CrossOver 9, Codeweavers will iron out more Office bugs. Okay, by that time, Left4Dead 2 will be out and Windows 7 will cause even more headaches. Still, with CrossOver 8, the possibilities are endless; now they just need to work on the practical. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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Windows, Mac Price: Reviewed version: Using of compatible apps so you have some kind of certainty whether your win windows 7 professional upgrade price. The program has an updating list download and install other files along with Buy CrossOver 13 mac make sure you deselect everything except Word Viewer and the Office Compatibility Pack. A commercial version of Wine, it Windows apps right from your Mac dock without buying a Windows license, disc and began to load the. Crossover 14 Review wireless all in a test disc of Office '03, design and web premium cs6 for favorite stuff is supported, Buy CrossOver 13 mac performance. This is titled a prediction and written as such, but from the cultures as worldly games and James Carse distinguished "finite games" inside life.

CrossOver 17 ships, lets Mac users run Windows versions of Microsoft Office 2016, Quicken 2017

Mar 21, - CrossOver - Run Windows apps on your Mac. is that you don't really buy CO - you purchase the right to run the currently recent version. Buy CrossOver Mac [Download]: Read 16 Software Reviews - By Kindle Customer on July 13, Collapse all answers. 0 vote votes. Intended for Intel Mac OS X machines, CrossOver Mac will allow Mac users to run their favorite 13 customer ratings Read the reviews before you buy.

Buy CrossOver 13 mac


Install Windows programs on MAC!! Crossover Mac App review and tutorial.

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