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This latest update includes more extensive image tagging and management tools, including improved geotagging and face recognition, allowing the creation of geographically-related slideshows and tagged Buy PaintShop Pro X5 mac to Facebook. Pro X5 also gains a series of 'Instant Effects' presets allowing different 'looks' to be achieved simply. The software's HDR features Buy PaintShop Pro X5 mac also been improved, including better handling of changes between the images being combined. PaintShop Pro X5 also includes a 'Learning Center' palette, along with access to the online Corel Guide - which features help and tutorials to make it easier for new users to get the most out of the software. Press Release: PaintShop Pro X5 delivers all the powerful editing and digital design tools needed to produce stunning images and professional works of art. With easy-to-use, pro-quality tools and built-in learning resources, every level of user, from aspiring amateur to seasoned professional, will be able to expertly organize, edit, and share their photographic and artistic visions with ease. Also new to X5 are the innovative social media integration and organizational tools like face recognition and Share Buy PaintShop Pro X5 mac Trip which gives users the ability to share map based interactive slideshows.

Buy PaintShop Pro X5 mac


Creating A Holiday Greeting Card in PaintShop Pro X5

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