How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8?

Those all seem to be fixed now. You can easily fix failed recognition, too. The macOS software is both exhaustively featured and generally intuitive. Both editions can create and edit the contents of PDFs, allow drawing and adding text on top of files, and include excellent optical character recognition OCR software.

The Pro flavor is also a superb way to design forms, retrofit existing documents to contain form fields, and to fill out forms. Version 8 of both apps added many elements found in Acrobat that were still missing in PDFpen, like digital-signature management and validation, and new kinds of export methods from PDF to other formats, including Word. Smile has focused on improving annotations used to comment on a PDF, export formats and controls, and table of contents support Pro version only Annotations let you mark up a PDF and share the results without modifying the underlying PDF.

However, in previous versions, it was slightly harder to work with these annotations. Version 9 makes it possible to select multiple annotations at once, copy the text, delete them, and show highlights in the Annotations sidebar view. You can also choose to print just annotations, making it easier to review comments separately from the document as another PDF or in print form. For those who require a table of contents TOC or need to work with one created elsewhere, Acrobat has been your best choice until now.

It also now merges TOC entries when combining files. It also allows a range of image resolution really density measured in dots per inch in making the conversion. Most of the remaining version 9 changes are fiddly things everyone will appreciate like showing resizing handles for items that are off the edge of the pageor for which people with specific needs will suddenly breathe a sigh of relief such as horizontal OCR for ideographic languages, like Chinese, in PDFpenPro.

Like Acrobat, PDFpen is a rich PDF editor, letting you work with text, images, attachments, and annotations, and edit How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8? that appears on a page, including all of those elements. You can also delete objects, or redact parts of a document—this is true redaction, where the underlying data is removed, How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8? than just a black bar being overlaid.

You can select text to copy it out, or use a Correct Text feature to edit it. This preserves the appearance. PDFpen drops in a default font, which makes it impossible to use to make an aesthetically usable How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8?

fix. In one document I tested, PDFpen splayed the edited text all over the page in different fonts; Acrobat handled editing the same text just fine. Both versions let you fill out form fields created in other software. If you need to make your own forms, the Pro versions can autogenerate form fields, or you can drop them in manually and format their appearance. Autogeneration is quite amazing: I threw scanned images—not just PDFs—at PDFpenPro that had continuous lines with labels underneath for first, middle, and last name, and other similar entries, and it correctly broke those into separate fields.

Pro can even embed a button into a PDF that allows someone filling it out to submit the form data or the filled-out PDF to a Web server or send either via email. The software prompts you when you open a document that has images that could be analyzed, although you can disable that prompt.

The OCR software is highly accurate, even for extremely degraded text. I tried it on old newspaper pages How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8? very small type, and it did remarkably well. Once converted, you can search on the document or display the text in an isolated layer.

The Pro version lets you correct the text, too. Version 8 added digital signatures, verifying cryptographically that a document is unchanged since the creator locked it.

If the triangle is green and has a checkmark, the app has verified it; clicking the corner brings up additional technical details. I found it wonky to sign in PDFpen in version 8, and it remains so in version 9.

With a PDF that How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8? scale and units, the measuring tool displays those accordingly. PDFpen can extract file attachments and annotations, and also preview them. The basic PDFpen is more of a viewer while the Pro edition can add and delete attachments and How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8?.

Both versions also let you record audio annotations you can add to a PDF as well as play them back. I exported a complicated PDF that included a very detailed table and the resulting version in Word was almost pixel perfect and fully editable. The same PDF exported to Excel in the Pro release with equally well preserved tabular detail, including merging and spanning cells.

Even a PDF with little tabular data and images exported to Excel just fine. This is a security risk, as your files wind up being exposed to Smile—regardless of how trustworthy they are and how well secured their systems are—and also requires being online.

Crashing bugs Unfortunately, during my testing of the 9. This happened while trying to choose annotation options in the Print dialog, while printing annotations, and while adding a digital signature field to a page.

Some of the crashes seemed to occur on one pass, but after relaunching and attempting the same task, it worked without a hitch.

However, more generally, my expectation with software in that manipulates documents is that they will use some form of journaling or continuous save, much as we see in Pages, BBEdit, InDesign, and other business and professional software. With those apps, even a system crash often loses no more than the last keystroke after launching the app, as it can recover the intermediate changes. On launch, the Smile version will identify the previous MAS copy and offer upgrade pricing.

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How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8? PDFpen 8 and PDFpen Pro 8 review: Corporate-grade PDF handling at a small-business price

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PDFpen 9 and PDFpenPro 9 review: PDF-editing apps get solid enhancements over previous versions

Nov 02,  · Scanning the same document through the Neat Desktop app, resulted in a much cleaner document. There is really no solution for this. If it is not one problem it is another. So this was my “lesser of the evils” solution: Use the Neat Desktop application solely to . Download a free trial of PDF Expert - the best PDF software for your Mac. Enjoy advanced reading layouts, powerful PDF editing and classical annotation tools. Please find below the full archive of Just Creative sorted by could also visit our most popular articles sorted by category. Click on the month you would like to see or click ‘Expand All Months’ below to view all of the articles.

How much does it cost to upgrade to PDFpenPro 8?

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