Imagineer Systems mocha Pro v3.1 mac

The instructions for installing the integrated submission script can be found further down this page. The Mocha Pro specific options are: Common Options Version: If this option is enabled, the project file will be submitted with the job, and then copied Imagineer Systems mocha Pro v3.1 mac to the Slave machine during rendering. Mocha Project File: Output Directory: The location must be accessible by the Slave s. Frame Index Width: The number of digits allocated for the index portion of the file name. If the number is not large enough to accomodate all output frame indices, it will be ignored and the minimum required number of digits will be used instead. Frame Offset: If the project frame range does not start with 0, please specify the offset. Job Type: One of the two basic job types Mocha Pro supports, render or export. Job Sub Type: Available job sub types depend on the job type. Render Options File Extension: The output file extension. Clip View Index: By Imagineer Systems mocha Pro v3.1 mac, this is zero 0but if you are working with a multi-view clip, you can set the index here. In stereo mode, Left and Right views are 0 and 1 respectively. Output Prefix: The output prefix goes before the frame number in the file name. Output Imagineer Systems mocha Pro v3.1 mac

Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro V3 1

Mocha Pro is an award-winning planar tracking tool for motion tracking, rotoscoping, object Mocha Pro features GPU-accelerated tracking and object removal, advanced masking with . Mac: macOS X , or , on bit Intel. . 1Requires the free 3D Track Importer plug-in for After Effects (download). Apr 23, - Mocha Pro and mocha AE – Imagineer System's tracking and Well, instead of tracking a single point a planar tracker such as mocha Pro v will allow users This was as simple as opening the DMG file (on a Mac), which. Buy Imagineer Systems mocha Pro v3 Floating License for 1 Computer (Electronic It exports to most popular editing applications and is compatible with Mac.

Imagineer Systems mocha Pro v3.1 mac

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