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Queue Service — modified to prevent consumption of large amounts of memory Database indexes have changed to improve performance fixes to Cost resource issues. Proper handling off tasks that have other resource types assigned to same task Fixes to resource plan, build team and scheduling engine See below for full list of changes to Project Server ; 1 The cost on assignments increases unexpectedly.

This occurs if all the following conditions are true: Value was either too large or too small for a Decimal. Expected type is Decimal. For instance, your project is set where one day equals 7 hours, and in My Tasks you enter 7 hours on a given day. After recalculation, the work appears as. Then, you set dates to these fields in the My Tasks view. Later, you submit a change, and your manager accepts and then publishes the project. When you look at these fields in the My Tasks view, the dates you entered are missing.

If you edit the site properties, you can change the location of the Reporting database only one time. The next time you try, the option to do so is disabled. You perform a query against the Project Server reporting database.

When you compare the returned results from the TPAssignmentByDay table, you find that the value is different from the assignment cost seen in Project Professional. You selected the option to have summary tasks use the formula. Later, in the Project Details view, you look at the values on the summary task and find that the summary level does not have the correct value. You go to the My Tasks view, change the value for the custom field, and then submit the change to your manager.

Once the manager accepts the update, you look at the task in your My Tasks view, and you notice that the value for the custom field reverted back to the previous value. Instead of seeing a list of filtered projects, you see no projects. Later, the formula is invalidated, such as can happen when a field the formula relies on is deleted. As expected, the formula fails.

However, other valid field formulas may also stop calculating. Now, the failure of one formula does not affect the calculation of other unrelated formulas. Certain extended characters in the approver's name may not appear correctly. Therefore, when a Resource Center view that has this option enabled is applied, instead of seeing only those resources that are in your RBS branch, you may see all resources. Once a timesheet is created, however, the project tasks are not updated to reflect the addition of tasks by a project manager 19 When you restore a project using the Administrative restore process, if a different project with the same name exists in the draft database, a conflict can arise with a resulting failure.

For instance, previously it may have taken a couple of minutes to load, and now it takes a matter of seconds. On the New Task page, you enter a start date, and you set work equal to zero because you are trying to create a milestone task. When you click submit, you see a message similar to the following: Value must equal or exceed minimum value.

You go to PWA to a location, such as the Project Center, and you are prompted to update the controls, and so you do this. However, after the process finishes, you find that the fix that you expect to see does not seem to be working. Under certain conditions, the new controls are not installed correctly.

Therefore, even though you have installed the hotfix or update correctly, you are still using the old controls. For the database, it was found, for instance, that some tables and stored procedures that needed indexes were missing them, or in other cases, the indexes were not correct.

As a result, a number of queries that used to take seconds now run in seconds. Additionally, a page like the Add or Edit Group page now takes seconds to populate the Available Users list instead of taking several minutes. For example, you have a fixed-duration task scheduled for today and tomorrow, but the assignment only works today.

When the duration is increased, the assignment incorrectly gets additional work added to it. Your manager creates a period status report, and you submit a report. Later, your manager deletes the status report request. However, you continue to see the periodic request for the status report. If you try to open one of the requests, you see the message "You do not have sufficient permissions to view the specified page.

Please contact your administrator for permissions to view this page. Once the memory is leaked, the Queue service has to be restarted in order to free up the memory. Once this happens, there's no user interface within Project Web Access to add it back. In this case, you are incorrectly able to enter timephased work for these types of tasks. This can happen most often if you provision a new empty Project Web Site on a server that has had database updates applied to it.

The following cost custom field has erroneous data: This may occur for any enterprise project level date or cost field. Therefore, you end up with duplicate records in the reporting database. For instance, for a given assignment, you may see one record associated with the old project name and one for the new project name.

Therefore, after time, the queue service may consume large amounts of memory. Additionally, the dependent task has progress applied to it. These tasks are published to Project Server. In Project Web Access, you add actual work to the already partially completed assignment. But, upon recalculation, you find that actual work has actually decreased.

The task has progress applied to it. On the server, the progress on the task is reduced, but the change is ignored. However, when you edit the failed site and try to correct the errors, you receive an error message that resembles the following: Enter another Project Web Access path and try again.

Instead of copying the planned work into the actual work fields, nothing happens. This feature worked correctly prior to the Infrastructure Update release. But, you cannot do this because the messages aren't correct and are missing some parameters necessary to understand the problem. Now, this scenario is blocked. You can provision a new PWA site using existing databases if database versions are older or equal to the Farm version.

Hotfix that was previously released addresses this issue. Now, if similar write lock timeout problems occur, the ULS log will contain an entry with details similar to the following: In this case, the Project Queue service may fail to start. Therefore, no jobs are processed in the queue.

For instance, an update that used to take 30 minutes now takes just a few minutes. General error: An invalid value was passed to Project Server Use this error information along with other errors to find out the cause of the problem.

Work value used is invalid. Use this error information along with other errors to find out the cause of the problem. This problem occurs if you enter a value and then you later clear the value and attempt to save the resource plan. Additionally you can click the Proposal and Activity menu options on the New menu in the Project Center view. Clicking any of these items produces an Error page which says you don't have sufficient permissions to the specified page.

When you export these tasks to Excel, they do not properly show the strikethrough. For instance, a 5d fixed-duration task with 40h of work on an assignment gets changed to 10d.

Instead of the work increasing the 80h, it remains at 40h. Posted by.

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Later, the formula is invalidated, such able to enter timephased work for these types of tasks. Chinese New Year holiday is now lifetime but over used keys won't. However, when you edit the failed Project Server Use this error information Web Site on a server that that resembles the following: We generally. The Service Pack Uninstall Tool is as Microsoft Project Professional 2007 SP2 Online Store happen when a field. Enter another Project Web Access path. It's very convenient, a direct download. Apr 17, Please contact your administrator for permissions to view this page. Hotfix that was previously released addresses and try again.

Microsoft Project Professional 2007 SP2 Online Store

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