Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software

The first step is to choose between the cloud option and a traditional on-premise deployment. This option eliminates the need to buy and maintain various licenses, or the infrastructure mentioned above; and Microsoft will also take care of the upgrades and feature updates for you. There are several plans available for SharePoint Online, including Plan 1 or Plan 2 you can mix and match these plans across your user Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Softwareor you may wish to consider the enterprise bundles that include Exchange, Lync and Office subscriptions in various guises.

There are even specific Non Profit plans for registered charities. Two is the bare minimum to keep the web front server and application server separate and five is generally recommended for large organisations where separating the roles increases the performance. For example, dedicated web front end, application, Office web apps and database servers instead of combining these on one server. Although we recommend deploying the latest Windows server version,SharePoint only requires Windows Server R2 as minimum.

Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software means you can probably get away with not purchasing new Windows licenses if you already own Windows R2 Data centre licenses. While Microsoft offers a SharePoint Foundation server included in most Windows Server licenses, its features are very limited. Key points regarding SharePoint licenses A SharePoint server license is required for each running instance of the software with the exception of the Office Web Apps Server.

For example, if the recommended SharePoint server architecture includes a separate web front end and application servers, you will need two SharePoint server licenses plus your SQL database licensing — server and CAL or processor licensing. It is not mandatory for quantities of both Enterprise and SharePoint CALs to be the same, however if you get audited by Microsoft the onus is on you to prove that only Enterprise CAL users are accessing Enterprise features and not others.

With SharePoint Serverit is far less costly to deploy SharePoint-based Internet-facing sites than was possible under the previous versions. Microsoft has abolished the need for internet-specific licenses.

Traditionally most organisations deploying SharePoint have used the product to construct intranet sites, accessible to internal users only. SQL licenses — SharePoint uses SQL as the backend to store data and unless the planned solution includes business intelligence components it is likely that you will only need the Standard edition of SQL licensing. This can be purchased under either a Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software and CAL model or a per processor core model.

Server infrastructure — SharePoint, if correctly configured and properly planned, can rapidly become a critical business platform integrating with other line of Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software applications and automating major business process. As such, it is recommended that you configure highly available virtualised infrastructure with guaranteed uptime, disaster recovery and remote connectivity options built in.

The table below can be used to get flavours on virtual machines required for a typical users SharePoint implementation.

What’s new in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

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Price of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Software

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