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Improved multi-user mode QuickBooks Desktop offers smoother experience to switch to single-user mode, with insight into who is still logged in and a real-time chat option to coordinate with users. Here are some of the new and exciting features available in the improved multi-user mode. The user sees who is still currently logged in when he tries to switch to single-user mode. The Admin user can set a timer while waiting for single user mode. They can give other users up to 10 minutes. This feature can be utilized by all users. When the timer runs out, the Admin is given the option to either cancel the switch to single-user mode or close the file for logged-in users. Non-Admin users, however, cannot close the file on their co-workers. Other users can see when the admin gives them a time limit to save their information and log out. Easier amount search Need to find a transaction with a number, but cannot remember the exact number? Use the In-between amount search to filter amount ranges. There are three ways to use the In-between Amount Search feature Show applied filters on reports You can quickly view all applied filters on a report. Just click the Show button and QuickBooks will display all of your filters. You can also print off the applied filters. Just set the Applied Filters to Show and your filters will be included on the last page of the report. Deleted users show on reports Now you can see users that you have deleted on all reports by username. You would no longer see "unknown" as the user. Enhanced selection of filters QuickBooks Desktop has vastly improved the selection of multiple names for filters on reports. Filters that allow you to select multiple names, such as Customer, Item, Vendor, or Account filter, have an improved user interface. This allows you to easily select or de-select all names and find individual names. Deposit Notification In QuickBooks , you can see if you have a payment waiting for deposit with a red notification in the Banking section of your QuickBooks Home screen. Scheduled Reports Scheduled Reports is a feature that allows you to send reports on a regular and recurring scheduled time.

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